Contributions et Bugfixes

Pour mes scripts et programmes, c'est par là.

Date Projet Type Commentaire Statut URL
2010-03 Collectd Bug+Patch wrong value in types.db for the conntrack plugin NEW
2010-03 DokuWiki Bug+Patch gzip compression doesn't work with most themes, including default NEW
2010-03 BlogTNG/DokuWiki Git Pull Request Bugfixes par rapport à la branche master MERGED/OK
2010-03 PhpMyAdmin Bug non-binary fields shown as hex FIXED/OK
2010-02 Kernel Bug+Patch oops on ext4 remount with -o barrier FIXED/OK
2010-02 Kernel Bug Kernel BUG during heavy I/O on a cryptsetup-LUKS over LVM over RAID1 partition NEW :(
2010-01 curlftpfs Bug+Patch curlftpfs gigantic memory leak NEW :(
2009-10 Firefox Bug+Patch ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap mistranslation leading to meaningless sentence FIXED/OK
2009-09 PEAR Net_Sieve Bug+Patch AUTHENTICATE command hangs FIXED/OK
2009-09 Proxytunnel Enh+Patch ajoute le support du HTTP/1.1 à soumettre
au mainteneur
2009-09 gnutls Bug use of mod_gnutls creates maximum POST limit in Firefox FIXED/OK
2009-09 Duplicity Bug+Patch par2 creating support FIXED/OK
2009-05 Kernel Bug rmmod iwl3945 crash (if wlan0 is up) FIXED/OK
2009-05 Kernel Bug boot hangs with encrypted lvm pv FIXED/OK
2009-04 Cacti/Spine Bug+Patch spine compilation broken since SVN rev. 4990 FIXED/OK
2007-07 Yum Bug+Patch conduit.delPackage() extremely slow with newer yum FIXED/OK
2006-11 Wine Bug  emule exposes socket/file handle leak FIXED/OK
2006-10 Dolphin Traduc fr pour v0.7.0 OK
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